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Tips from Timothy Mean: How to build your own Time Machine. (adult supervision required)

  1. Find a cardboard Box, The bigger the better. If the cardboard box is big enough then you could sit inside it.
  2. Cut a door on the side of the box with some scissors. If your box is big enough you could also cut out some windows.
  3. Paint or color in the box or cover the box in aluminum foil if you would like it to look futuristic.
  4. Glue a toilet paper roll on each side of the door to make handles
  5. Make a Time Dial inside your time machine out of colored paper. Put which dates you would like on the time dial or just have “Past” “Present” “Future” as an example.
  6. Make buttons inside your time machine.  Cut out circles or squares of colored paper and glue them inside the time machine. Remember to make a large red GO button.  
  7. Use a calculator as a keypad. Use tape to attach the calculator to your time machine (inside or out) You can use the calculator to type in which year you would like to visit.
  8. Use a clothes hanger to make an antenna at the top of your time machine.  
  9. You are finished. Now just push the button and off you go!!

NB:  It is your imagination so feel free to adjust any of steps to build your own time machine as you see fit!

If you have a built a time machine I would like to see it. Please post a picture in the comments section.

Lego – Just like Timothy Mean use your imagination and build your own Time Machine inspired design. See the pictures below for some awesome ‘Timothy Mean’ inspired designs . Courtesy of the children from the lego club at Our Dumyat Centre Lounge/Library.

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