Photo Gallery, Reviews and Awards

Readers Favorite
“The power of imagination is a wonderful gift and Timothy displays his imaginative powers with great panache. This is a fun and educational read, beautifully presented”.

Kirkus Reviews “…a rhyming adventure each day of the week in this off-the-wall debut”

Bookmark and Stages
“This book would be excellent for any home, nursery, classroom and library. This is a book for children who love books that rhyme, love adventure and enjoy authors such as Julia Donaldson”.

Postcard Reviews
“Timothy Mean and the Time Machine is everything a children’s book should be. It is bright, beautifully illustrated and lots of fun”.

Tehben.comTimothy Mean and the Time Machine by William A.E. Ford is a beautiful children’s book in several different ways. The writing style is minimalist, but charming in its tone and feel. The illustrations are captivating, bold, and will please readers of every age group. This is a book to be enjoyed with a child with a comparative imagination, or even with an old friend or loved one to re-live a more creative and carefree existence”.

Kids Storyworld “This book is brilliant for sparking children’s (and adults’!) imaginations and instigated A LOT of questions from my son”.

Married to Books
“”This was such a fun children’s picture book”. ”
“The story was easy to follow, text clear to read and I loved the illustrations.

“It was amazing. Highly recommend – the book was hilarious! I really loved the rhymes and the illustrations were creatively done”.
“I want to give more than 5 stars because this book deserves it.
Yes !!! Why because perfect illustration with wonderful rhythm. “

“This is an exciting time travel adventure story”. 
“The book is written in rhyme. It has a lovely bouncy rhythm and is fun to read aloud”.

Night reader reviews
“Target readers for this book is anyone. As a mother I would feel comfortable reading this book to my children no matter how young.”
“The words magically lose you in the pictures as you join in Timothy Mean’s adventure with him. The descriptive verse transports you along with the time machine so you end up believing it is real.”

HeidiLynn’s BookReviews
“Timothy Mean and The Time Machine was a very creative, adventure fun filled, and sometimes even comical read. Many children and us big kids at heart would really get a kick out of all the places Timothy goes in his time machine”.

Duffy The Writer
“Timothy Mean and the Time Machine creates a blank canvas for a young child’s imagination”.

“This book wanted me to be a kid again so that I could own it and show it to all my friends”.

Pink Polka Gardener
“Really each time I read Timothy Mean and the Time Machine, some new nugget pops out at me from the brilliant illustrations”. 

CBY Book Club
“This was an enjoyable read, full of imagination, creativity and adventure”. 
“I think this book will inspire kids to explore their minds and broaded their imagination”.

Story Mummy
“Both my son and I agree, this is a FUN, FUN, FUN, book!”.

My Interdimensional Chaos “Cute story! Engaging, colorful illustrations! And an adventure for each day of the week! Great book! Full stars from this former home school teacher”.

Paige Worrall ‘s Reviews  “Timothy Mean and the Time Machine is a wonderfully illustrated adventure with everything a child could want hidden within the pages”. 

The Quiet Knitter “We love a book that has a fun character, adventure and lots of moments for laughter, and so when we stumbled upon Timothy Mean and the Time Machine we couldn’t wait to read it!” 

Reader Gal ” This book was a great way to see how Imagination works “

Moonlight & Moths “This was such a delightful book! As a kid my mother would have a sighed a little when I asked her to read this book because Timothy Mean can be a little troublesome, but that’s just what makes this book so fun. Adults get worried about kids getting into trouble but as a kid it just feels like a big adventure.”

Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub ” This book is a lot of fun to read, and perfect for ages three to five “

Sabrina “If you’re looking for a fantastic book to read with your children look no further than “Timothy Mean and the Time Machine! Beautifully illustrated this rhyming story will entertain even those with the best imagination! “

Allys Reading Corner ” The story itself was flawless, and I believe a lot of young kids are really going to love having this story read to them”.

Book Mad Jo ” I think this book is delightful, and I can imagine it would be a giggle-fest for children of varied ages. “

The Bookwormery “I found this to be absolutely charming, it’s fun and the illustrations are so bright and full of details”